Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jello and Welcome!

Hi, I'm Grace!  Yellow, I'm...MOLLY!
This is our new blog, 'The Cake Rebels'.  We're not against cake, we're against non-creativity, even though some of our creations have simple decor, they still.....ROCK THE HOUSE! :D

Like this one, (no decor, but simply...DELISH!) chocolate-chip cookie dough on the bottom, in the middle miniature Reese's Cups, bottoms up!  On top brownie batter!

See?  The recipe was totally creative! 

We hope you enjoy the blog!  *wink wink* ;) ;)

The Cake Rebels

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  1. Hi, Everybody! It's us, Molly and Grace! Just wanted to ask you if you see any typos in our writing, please inform us in the chatpod! Thanks!

    The Cake Rebels